Meet The Schneiders

A Family On The Move.

David + Olivia + Duke + Theo + Lola 🐶 

The Schneider Family is not afraid to "move." Whether it is moving from city to city, home to home, or from one park to another playing with their sweet boys, this active family loves adventures and is super excited to be building their dream home in Cincinnati! 

Check it out.

  • Olivia moves from Centerville to Muncie to attend Ball State.
  • David, a Moeller Grad, moves from Cincinnati to Muncie and meets Olivia at Ball State.
  • After college, Olivia moves to Cincinnati.  
  • David and Olivia buy their first home in Oakley. 
  • They move a total of 4 times all within Cincy (Go Schneider Fam! We love is not a feat many can handle!)
  • Most recently, Mike Hines helps them sell their home off market and they move to a rental home as they wait for their new home to be built.......

Phew?! Did you follow? Keep reading to see the details of their most recent move...

What made you move?

"The answer is we didn’t know we wanted to move. We visited a home built by Mike Hoffmaster who works with Mike Hines and they both were in attendance at the open house. Both Mikes were very kind and explained why building has it unique benefits in detail that got us thinking maybe we would enjoy building a home ourselves. We knew after having 3-4 conversations with Mike Hoffmaster that he was a personable and trustworthy guy that would be honest and fair which we held at a high priority. Mike Hines was a phenomenal communicator and quarterbacked so much making our involvement painless and exciting."



Why Oyler Hines?

"We choose Olyer Hines because of their reputation in the community and their ability to deliver on what was promised. They immediately got to work for us and kept us involved the entire time. When I sat down at the table with the Hines crew I knew I was in good hands and they could provide insights that took years of experience to learn and perfect."

What surprised you most about the buying & selling process?

Dave explains: "Mike took an approach that I was very pleased with which was asking me what was my end goal, and how much would it take for me to sell. After providing that number Mike already had people in mind based upon location and price point. It wasn’t but a few texted photos and a walk through later did my house sell for the number I asked."

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Most challenging part of buying & selling at the same time?

"Finding the right lot to build on and timing that up with the list of to dos. That’s why having Mike Hines was so crucial to hitting the dates for finding the lot, selling the home, and moving into our rental home."

Best Part About Your Buying & Selling Experience?

"Getting my asking price. Mike asked me the question ”What’s my ask.” I told him, and he said he could deliver on it, and he did it very very quickly."

Your top tip for others buying & selling at the same time?

"Discuss with realtor what you would like to have happen and then listen to your realtor about how to realistically go about reaching that goal. Total trust is a must and I definitely had that with Oyler Hines."

Schneider Family Journey

Saying Goodbye

Mike Hines used his connections in the local market to sell their Montgomery Home fast and for the price they hoped for.

To Say Hello  

Oyler Hines helped them find the lot to build their dream home and ensured the timeline worked for them to find a rental.

Patiently Waiting

Enjoying the process, as Mike "quarterbacks" the details.

Thank You Schneider Family For Sharing Your "Moving" Story!

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