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Steve, a busy Principal at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) & Betsy, a busy stay at home mom, have three children, Caroline (7), William (5), and Rosie (3). Steve grew up in Harrison, Ohio and Betsy grew up in Anderson, just outside of Cincinnati. Together, they have lived in Cleves, OH, Minneapolis, MN, Anderson and now Mariemont, where they  are hoping to stay for a long time.

The Bybees love family walks & bike rides. Whether it's in their neighborhood in Mariemont in Cincinnati or their favorite vacation spot, Rosemary Beach, Florida, this is how they enjoy family time. 

"We love to bike with the kids and have a trailer to pull Rosie around. William just started riding without training wheels and we love to ride from our house to Dogwood Park so the kids can play at the playground or trade out books in the little free library there. When we get time to spend together, we also love a trip to the beach. One of our favorite places to go is Rosemary Beach, Florida. We love Rosemary Beach because we can walk or bike just about anywhere, and that's probably our favorite thing about living in Mariemont so far." ~ Betsy Bybee

Why did you decide to sell?

 We weren't planning on moving out of our Anderson house. We had done a lot of renovations to make it our own and had just received a bid for a significant landscaping project for the spring of 2019. On our way back from lunch on a Sunday afternoon, we decided to drive through Mariemont, down Miami Bluff Drive where my dad grew up. There happened to be an open house at the time we drove by so we decided to stop in and see what the house was like. Once we saw the backyard, we were hooked. There was plenty of space for kids to play, a nice patio for lounging and, most importantly, a basketball hoop. I told Steve that I could see us living here. He felt the same way, so we called Scott on our way home.



Why The Oyler Group?

Scott helped us sell our house in Cleves and Erin helped us with our purchase of the house in Anderson. The Oyler Group was spot on with advice on pricing our home in Cleves, as well as what details we shouldn't miss when preparing to put our home on the market. We had a great experience with them and felt confident that they could help us again.

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What surprised you most about the buying & selling process?

I was surprised how quickly things moved on the buying end. We almost missed a chance to put an offer in on the home in Mariemont, so we submitted a letter along with our offer. Heather was able to get our offer in on time and we are so grateful for that. Also, I was so thankful that Heather sent reminders about putting utilities in our name, offering names of inspectors that were reliable and even suggesting additional inspections we may want to consider, considering the age of the home. On the selling side, I had forgotten how stressful it can be. I was overwhelmed at times and I am grateful for the calm responses and kind words provided by Scott and his team when I needed it most.

Best part of your buying & selling experience?

Moving to a street that I always dreamed of living on since I was a little girl. My grandparents built the house three doors down from the house we purchased in Mariemont. I have probably driven down Miami Bluff Drive hundreds of times over the course of my life. My dad's stories of his childhood in Mariemont were about a life I have always wanted to give our children. The walkability in this neighborhood is something you just don't find many places. Great schools and a family focused community are the icing on the cake.

Most challenging part of buying & selling at the same time?

The hardest part was selling. Prepping the house to sell, keeping it clean with three small children, and managing work required after the inspection was difficult. I don't want to move again for a long, long time.

Bybee's Top Buying Tip:

Submit a letter along with your offer about why you want to buy the home, especially if there are multiple offers. Be sincere and heartfelt and it will work!

"My dad's stories of his childhood in Mariemont were about a life I have always wanted to give our children." ~Betsy



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